This service is provided with the support and work of around 50 volunteers who are on duty at least once a month The centres could not function without the time and commitment volunteers give.

In Coleraine  7 volunteers are  on the rota each week and in Ballycastle a further 5 are on the rota depending on the number of families attending.

The Centre is  indebted to 4 deputy co-ordinators, who cover for the co-ordinator for holidays, sick leave and cover  Ballycastle.

All volunteers are fully trained (on an ongoing basis) and vetted in accordance with the requirements of ACCESS NI to ensure their suitability to work with children and young people.

The co-ordinators and volunteers understand that there are usually complex reasons for families using a Child Contact Centre.  They remain impartial and confidential, while supporting children and parents in contact, so relationships can be restored and strengthened.  The co-ordinator and volunteers believe children have a right to know and maintain a relationship with both parents and everyone involved in contact needs to work together to meet the child’s needs.

Parents do express their thanks to the Centre . Donations, gifts of toys ,and flowers , boxes of chocolates have been received from parents from time to time and this is very much appreciated by the volunteers

The Centre  gives hope to families where patience is required to make arrangements work in the best interests of the child.  Positive  outcomes are also very rewarding for the volunteers who give their time and commitment to families each week. Most families can use the centre as a stepping stone to more normal positive arrangements that work well for the children. It is our ultimate goal that the children grow up knowing they are loved and treasured by both parents.

CACCC welcomes new volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at our Centre, or any of the other Regional Centres, please get in touch with the relevant co-ordinator for further details.